Friday, November 30, 2007

Freezing my patootie!

I never thought I would miss Louisiana... and I don't. I miss Texas though. I saw the temp in San Antonio was in the 60's yesterday and almost cried. Oh, have I turned into a sissy! I haven't even stepped outside since Tuesday. The radiator in our kitchen went kaputz and the thought of doing dishes in 45 degrees is not appealling. Sending hubbie for a portable heater while we figure out what to do.
All projects are on hold until I get slippers made for everyone. Socks are just not cutting it and I don't like wearing shoes all day. Besides I found the cutest crochet slippers yesterday that look easy enough to figure out. I was going to convert them into knit, but the crochet looks sturdier than knit would. Now I have to find some scrap leather.

What has also been occupying my time is potty training. Yes, Asa is only 13 months, but I've been reading about infant potty training and realized we could do it easily. I've always known when Asa was doing his business, #1 and #2, so I thought why not stick him on the potty. Either Asa is brilliant or babies can be potty trained. Yes, at this age it is more that the parents are trained than the baby, but why not. It doesn't hurt him, he'll become "really" potty trained earlier, and I'll have less diapers to wash. He actually walked up to me yesterday and said, "pss" which is the sound I make to cue him to pee. I put him on the potty and sure enough, he had to go. Like I said, he's brilliant. Don't worry, if I go out, I will have a diaper on him. I don't mind cleaning up misses, but I won't make anyone else clean up a miss :-)

Have I mentioned, I'm freezing!

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