Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Minot is the happenin' place!

Yeah! I just got back from visiting my LYS. Love it! I'm so glad they are here, no more yucky yarn from Hobby Lobby for me. I still purchase a lot over the internet, but it's so much nicer to be able to hold the yarn in your hands. Of course I was about 10 miles out of the city when I remembered what I really wanted to purchase. I'll just have to stop in again later this week :-) I have an idea in my head for a funky pair of pants but don't have the right colors on hand.

I did come away with some pretty yarn that I'm eager to try. Not the softest, but the price was right. I'm thinking it will probably soften up with use.

I'm thinking Leaf Lace Sweater or britches for the green and a pair of "blue jeans" with the blue.

Lastly, here is what I'm working on now.

I am lovin' this! If I can ever get myself off the computer I'll be able to finish it in about an hour.

Now I'm off to do some packin'! We're spending Thanksgiving in Minnesota. Not looking forward to 10+ hours packed in the Scion with 3 rambunctious boys, but I should get some good knitting time in.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I also live in Minot, what LYS do you know of here, I am dying to feel all the yarns I have been reading and hearing about.


Melanie said...

We have a wonderful LYS called The Yarn Stash. It's in the downtown area on Center St (I think that's the street). Amy, the owner, is yarnfloozie on Ravelry and is awesome. She just opened up in March so she is still building her inventory adding more and more as she can. We have a knitting club that meets every other Saturday morning and Wednesday nights as well.