Friday, February 8, 2008

Turning a heel

Forgive the horrible pictures. My beloved tripod piece is still missing (about which I am extrememly annoyed). I can't do videos or take decent pictures without it. It is also frickin' freezing here so I can't get good lighting. Excuses, excuses.

For this tutorial, I'm only showing how to work the short row heel. I may do one in the future that shows it from the toe up, but not today :-)

I work my socks on 1 long circular needle, magic loop method.
The heel is worked on just 1/2 for the stitches. You will just be ignoring the second half (the instep).

Knit to 1 stitch before the end of the first needle, turn.

Backward YO,

slip the first stitch,

Purl to 1 stitch before the yo of the previous row, turn.

Backward Yo,

slip the first stitch, knit to 1 stitch before the yo of the previous row, turn.

Repeat the above steps, backward yo, sl first stitch, knitting (on the rs) or purling (on the ws) to 1 stitch before last yo, turn; until you have the 1/2 amount of stitches between the yo's as you cast on for the toe. In the case of this sock, it is 4 stitches. Knit to the first YO.

Correct the mount of the YO, knit YO together with the next st.

Turn, purl across to next YO, ssp (slip slip purl)the YO together with the next stitch.

Knit to 1 stitch before the next YO.

Knit the next stitch, the yo, and the follow stitch together, (k3tog).

Purl across to 1 stitch before the next yo:

sssp: slip next 3 stitch separately knitwise and coming from the back, purl all 3 stitches together.

Continue in this manner, k3tog on rs and sssp on ws, until all yo's are worked.
Knit across to the very last YO:

Slip that YO to the second needle with the instep's stitches:

Knit YO together with the next stitch:

Knit across the instep to the last stitch. Slip st knitwise:

slip yo from sole's needle:

and ssk those stitches together:

All done!

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