Monday, January 28, 2008

Stretchy (sewn) Bind Off

Yes, I'm early with this one. We'll just pretend it's Tuesday.

This bind off is grrrrreat for toe up socks, neck bands, waist bands, top-down hats any place you need to stretch.

Our lovely Chibi needle on the end of the yarn. Measure out a length of yarn 4x's the width of the circumference of the item (just loosely drape the yarn around the piece 4 times). Better to have too much than too little and this is a very safe amount.

Insert the needle from right to left through 2 stitches and pull yarn through.

Going from left to right, go back through the first stitch.

Pull the first stitch off the needle.

Repeat these steps until all the stitches have been sewn.

Voila, a stretchy bind off. FYI, this matches the twisted loop cast on nicely.

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