Saturday, November 10, 2007

Creating my studio!

Today I'm cleaning house! I've had my yarn and supplies all over the house in a complete mess and it's driving me mad. So, I'm cleaning out the guest bedroom and turning that into my "studio." We'll be putting shelves up, moving the bed out, and organizing all my crap. Knitting machine, sewing machine, everything is going up there. I've resisted putting it upstairs because I never go upstairs, but I've just gotta make myself. It doesn't mean I have to knit up there, I'm just containing the mess to one room.

Yeah! I have my own room!

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Anonymous said...

I don't go upstairs much either, but I have set up all my wool and stuff up there. I knit down here with the family, but sometimes I get to go up there and it is so quiet and peaceful. It's nice to have all my stuff in the one spot. It was a good move. My quilting stuff meanwhile is in the pantry....
Goodluck with your new room.