Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spreadin' the word

I got to visit my most favoritest LYS in the whole world this last weekend. I'm partial to it because 2 of my high school teachers that I adore own and run the store. It's also in a very old downtown building that suits it so well. They are the ones that got me addicted to gourmet yarn. When I first started knitting, I couldn't find any decent patterns or yarn out there. It drove me nuts because I knew there had to be more than acrylic yarn, I just didn't know where to get it. Plus, you see beautiful sweaters in the store, there had to be patterns out there that weren't horribly dated like the ones I would find at the craft stores. Then the Tangled Skein opened up and introduced me to a whole new world! I taught the beginner's knitting class there the summer before we moved and I also knit sample sweaters for them. I thought that was a pretty sweet deal. They gave me the yarn and I knit them the sweater. They kept it for a year to display and then after that it was mine. I miss them and my free yarn!

Anyway, they hadn't heard of Ravelry yet!!! I gave them the low down, of course!

Finish up a new sweater/wrap/kimono idea that came to me yesterday. Crazy awesome! Knit from the sleeve up with short rows to turn the shoulder. I'll post pics soon. It's in baby size, but I may make this into a big person sweater in bamboo (I've got 7 lbs of it to use up!)

But first, I need to shower. Asa needs to take longer naps, so much to do in so short a time!

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Knitcrazy said...

I can't wait to see the sweater.. I want one for me in My size :)