Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How-To Tuesday: Short Rows, ahhhhh!

Ok, I finally got it down. The problem with most all the tutorials I've seen on the net is the short rows are all knit flat and I want it in the round. This is very picture heavy, no tripod yet so the video tutorial will have to wait.

So, here it is. First up is Japanese short rows in the round. You will need safety pins to work these. You might be able to do it without, but the pins make it easier.

Knit to where you want your first short row to go. Turn and place a safety pin on the working yarn.

Slip the first stitch and purl across to next short row placement.

Turn and place safety pin on working yarn. Slip the first st and knit across to your next short row placement (in the britches pattern this is 3 stitches before last short row hole.

Continue in this manner until you've worked all the short rows required.

Closing the short rows. Here is where this version differs from others I've seen. You are going to close the left side short row holes and instead of turning, you will knit around to the right side short row holes.

Left side short row holes:

After working all the short rows, your piece should be right side out. Knit to the first left side hole. Pick up the safety pin and place the loop on the left needle.

Knit this loop together with the next st. Do this for each of the right side short row holes.

Left Side holes:

Do not turn! Keep knitting around until you get to 1 stitch before the first left side hole. Slip this stitch knitwise. Pick up the safety pin and place the loop on the left needle. Place slipped stitch back onto left needle and it knit it together with the loop like you would knit an ssk.

Repeat this for each of the right side short rows.



Karen Lynn Wiebusch said...

Very nice! thanks! can't knit at the moment because of tendonitis so I am studying up on everything. Love to knit in the round top down and need to start adding short rows to the bust area on my sweaters. Can't wait to try it.

Ann Marie said...

I like your photos and your explanation. I'm a little confused at the end where you have "Left Side" for closing the short row gaps. Shouldn't one of them be "Right Side"? I want to make sure I understand correctly. Is the left side the turn after a knit row and the right side the turn after the purl row?

Pam said...

Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thank you so much.

Bette said...

Oh my gosh you have no idea what a life saver your instruction on this is for me! I have searched for four days online to find exactly this, and apparently was using wrong search terms. I knit and re-knit and re-knit different methods of making a "smile" on "britches" ... and you are now my hero! (or heroine!) Thank you for making this clear, and for helping me finally knit a smile on the newborn sock monkey pants I'm making. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :)