Monday, November 5, 2007


Still takin' a break for the baby bag. Got the beast part done and just need to stay away for a couple days.

So, workin' on additions to the britches pattern today. I've got all the details worked out to make it top-down and am lovin' it!!! No grafting and holes are easier to close up. This will definitely go in the pattern. Making it almost 20 pages long!! I think I should start calling a book instead :-)

As I'm working on putting footsies on it, I ran across a great short row method and extra stretchy bind off method. Both will be put in the pattern. So much to do... Anyway, Cat Bordhi's short row method is by far the best I've worked. Her video makes it even more easy to learn. Yay short rows! Now you will look forward to working your short rows!

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