Thursday, November 1, 2007

Curse you, Ravelry!

Oooh, this Ravelry is evil. Now I will get nothing done. I'm still sitting in my pj's, no shower, no breakfast, dishes are taking over the kitchen, and diapers need to be washed. My life will never be the same, sorry kids, sorry hubbie!

I have to turn the computer off or nothing, nothing, nothing will get done today.


Anonymous said...

I'm here via PuritySeekers friend list on Ravelry.

I did the non stop Ravelry thing for about a week after getting my invite. In my experience, the novelty tapers off after awhile. Oh believe me, Rav is still my #1 stop on the internet but I can look for a few minutes and walk away. Not that I'm getting any more knitting done mind you. Oh no. The family needs lately have been crazy.

Melanie said...

Good, so there is still hope for me :-)