Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sick Kids!

I've got a couple sick kids in the house so I haven't gotten much of anything done. I did have time to stop by Hobby Lobby while running errands quick without kids. They have 0 selection for wool, but I had this idea for a colorway and thought I would check to see if they happened to have the 4 colors I needed. They had 3 of them and I have the right color dye for the 4th! I don't know if I'll have time to dye yarn today, but we'll see. My sink is full of dishes so if I want to do this colorway, I have to get some housework done! I also don't have any loose skeins of wool which means I'll have to unwind a ball, ugh!
On top of that, I had another idea for the britches pattern. Luckily it is boyish and Asa needs new longies anyway so I'll be working on that as well.

Now off to do dishes...

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