Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thrift Store Mania!!!

Holy cow! I love thrift stores! I found the coolest sweaters in the world today. I went in just looking for 100% woolens and come out with that and then some. Either I'm fashionably defunked or I'm creative enough to see potential in what others view as trash. I'm seriously hoping the later. I found a 100% cashmere Free People sweater!!!

I love the buttons! It is too freakin' cute.
Other "scores" include 1 hot pink and 1 white 100% cashmere sweaters, bags and bags of merino/new wool sweaters, 3 angora scarves, 1 ultra chunky 100% wool Gap scarf (looks like knit roving), 1 angora hat, and gorgeous knee length 100% cotton Gap sweater.

Now the question, to rip or not to rip...

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