Friday, December 7, 2007

Almost done...

He looks a little less than enthused :-) Stinker actually told me he would never wear the sweater. That's what he thinks. He says it's too girly. What?! Argh, boys! So, I'm going to make one like it for his dad (I know James loves it) and maybe if ultra cool manly Daddy wears it, than maybe he will. I need to add a few more inches to the arms and the body (must have his mommy's monkey arms). That's the beauty of making your own clothing, all my sweaters fit my monkey arms. I want to get this sweater done so I can get started on Ice Queen for MIL (and I seriously need to clean the house).

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Anonymous said...

I saw this finished over on Ravelry and it ROCKS! And I can tell from his silly expressions in Ravelry pics that he loves it now! :)
Anyway, loved your remark about posting a comment...even if to say "you're a moron" but actually I'm just posting to say, great sweater! And I laughed about the "I won't wear it" comment -- my son refused to wear the sweater I have posted on Ravelry because it's "itchy" ... errrrrrrrr