Monday, December 10, 2007

Aidan Sweater is done!!!

Hee, hee, I'm so sneaky. I told hubbie to compliment Aidan's sweater and ask if I could make him one in hopes that this would change Aidan's mind about the sweater. So hubby goes on and on about how cool the sweater is and how he really wishes he could have one just like it. Aidan barely let me finish knitting the collar, he wanted to wear it so badly! Aidan has a new favorite sweater that he at one time swore he would never wear. I rock!
Here is my big ham modeling it. What a goof! He even had me take a video of him. DSCN4282


I love the difference in the personalities of my children. These pictures are classic Aidans. He is the clown, attention junky of the family and has always been this way. We have the hardest time getting a normal picture of him. Actually, I guess this is about as normal as he gets.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sweater. Just gorgeous! And a handsome boy!!!
(jumpins6 on Ravelry)