Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A call from the other side...

of the world that is. Monday morning, 6 am, the phone rings. No one in their right mind would call at that hour unless it was important so I haul my butt out of bed in search of the phone. I find it just as the answering machine picks up and I hear my brother's voice from over in IRAQ!!! Excitedly I push the "talk" button only to find nothing happens. The phone is dead. Are you kidding me? I sit in torment as I listen to his message, unable to do a thing. He did hang up with the promise to try again. Luckily he did call back on Tuesday and both my hubbie and I got to talk with him. It was so good to hear his voice and know he's doing well. Apparently he is the pilot to the stars as he got to fly Ollie North, Tito Ortiz, and Kelly Pickler. Pretty awesome! We are big Ollie North fans, so that was pretty exciting.

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