Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Better Fitting Raglan

Does anyone else notice that if you make a raglan according to the standard directions of increasing every alternate round, by the time you get the yoke long enough, you have a body and sleeve that are humongous? It's ok if you want a really big comfortable sweater, but I like fitted sweaters. So I've been playing around with rearranging the increases to make the yoke long enough and the body more proportionate. I think I've perfected it for baby sizes and I'm now working on kid sizes. Once that is done, on to big people and then I'll have a whole family of well-fitting raglan sweaters. I'm thinking of turing this into more of an e-book than just a pattern because I want to show you all the fun things you can do with a basic pattern. I'll even include my formula so you can adjust the pattern for your unique fitting and gauge (I had an epiphany last night while trying to get to sleep on how to do this and keep the pattern easy readable).

I wish I had may camera, Aidan's cable raglan is turning out so incredible and only I can enjoy right now :-(

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