Friday, May 23, 2008

Work and Play

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, when I should be taking time off, I got a new camera, new scale and a new line of yarn. I just don't think I can resist working (or is it really playing?).

Just a little plug for my new camera. I LOVE IT! Our last camera was a Nikon and we really liked it so we thought we would stick to what we know. This camera was $150 cheaper than our old one and is sooooooo much better. Unbelievably better. It has a "vibration stabilizer" that is a life saver. I can take pictures inside, no flash and without the tripod and they turn out perfect. This will make my life so much easier. The screen on it is amazing. It's the clearest screen I've ever seen. Nikon Cool Pix, S51c is just plain awesome.

Here is a bit of what I've been up to.

A bit of bamboo and wool, mostly wool.

And some spinning! I love the wonky look of it. The neat looking ones aren't handspun but are hand-plied. It's my lace weight bamboo plied on my wheel into a sport weight and a worsted weight. I like it.

And a couple customs that I just love.

These are hand-dyed by moi:

These are hand-dyed by Mosaic Moons, the trim dyed by moi. The picture is refusing to turn right-side up, so just turn your head.

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