Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spinning Woes

Today is supposed to be day 2 of no knitting, note I said supposed. I have one last custom to finish up so I've been knitting until my hand starts to get sore, which isn't very long :-( Good news is I've been able to spin a lot and dye a lot. I had an epiphany last night while I was supposed to be sleeping. I should keep a notebook by my bed because what prevents me from sleeping is the thought that I won't remember my epiphany come morning. I did remember and am dyeing up a storm today. Will post pics tomorrow.

Here is the handspun. I'm quite proud of it. You can definitely see the improvement in my consistancy. I'm not sure if that makes me happy though because I really like the crazy look of my first couple batches. Now I'm going to have to practice being sucky at spinning :-) I do have another picture without the toes, but they are just so darned cute. I love baby toes.

As you can see, little mister loves to help Mommy take pictures!

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