Friday, May 30, 2008

A special treat for you all

This is the song that inspired my most recent colorway line. It's a band from Mankato, Minnesota that totally rocks! As soon as the skeins are dry, I'll put up pictures. Just to taunt you, here are the names, "Expresso my Love," "Depth Charge," "Orange Mocha Frappachino!!!" "Latte Caffeine."

Expresso my Love, by The Divers.

Seriously, I don't know how they didn't make it huge. They are sooooo much fun to watch and have great songs.


Jenna @ Laina's Laundry said...

nice! I can't wait to see the Orange Mocha Frappachino color!

Anonymous said...

You just fed another of my loves - I'm a voice teacher/minister of music when I'm not knitting! Loved your video. I couldn't understand all the words, but really enjoyed what I did understand. They seem like a fun group. Thanks for sharing. My Blogger ID is The Mom, so I'll just sign this,