Friday, January 25, 2008


The response to this little blog contest of mine has been so incredible. We all must feel the same thing when looking at the sweater because almost every name was right along the lines I was thinkning, garden and fairy/elf. I don't know if you all made this decision easier or harder. I don't think there was even one name that I didn't like. Now that the rush to put in your suggestion is waning, I'm putting up a list of ones that struck my fancy. So as to not reveal my preference just yet, I'm listing them in alphabetical order. As you can see, the list is long. This will be a tough decision, so please, if I chose your name, convince me! Why should I choose your name?

Butterflies in the garden
Cherub Wings
Coraria, after the beautiful Sumac which has been 'used by Egyptian and Greek during Antiquity as a wool dye'
Elven Delight
Evenstar (Arwen translated, I love Arwen, but alas, it is taken by a beautiful Kate Gilbert sweater).
Ivy League
Persephone's Tunic (Demeter's Tunic for the big person sweater, Demeter was the goddess of nature and Persephone was her daughter)
Poise ‘n’ Ivy
Variations of Sprout, bean sprout, 'lil sprout, wee sprout, sproutlet
Sugar Snap
Sweet Pea
UnbeLEAFable Sweater (I'm into puns)
Up, up and away

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