Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Baby Bag

Wow! Just in the last couple days I've gotten numerous requests to get my butt movin' on finishing the baby bag. Ok, maybe not those exact words, but I get the picture. Charting the cables is what has been holding me up. I've tried using Excel for the charts and am just not satisfied, which means I'm gonna have to fork out some dough for charting software. Any suggestions? I know there are a few out there, some more costly than others. My tendancy is to get the cheapest, but maybe I'm missing out on something great because of my stinginess. I'll make a decision this week and then maybe I'll be able to get the pattern out before the 2 months that I've been saying.

Other news...

No more cottage license! I've been agonizing over this since I first began to offer it. I would like credit for my hardwork, but I also want to see people making my designs. I figure, it is a win win situation if I don't make my customers purchase a cottage license in order to sell my designs. Wahm's are not going to be rollin' in the dough by selling my britches (though I do wish that upon you all!) and you don't need an extra expense. The big advantage for me is getting my name as a designer out there. All I ask of my seller's is that you inform me of your intentions, give me an idea of your knitting experience, and most important, give me credit. If I like your work, I'd love to add you to my Adorabubble Knits Sellers page to direct customers to you. I want to be able to devote more time to finishing up my long list of designs (like the baby bag) and don't have time for customs anymore.


Anonymous said...


No experience with it, but the Yarn Harlot recommends this. Might want to look into it. It costs $135, but she apparently swears by it. Maybe that would work?


Melanie said...

That's exactly what I got. The price tag is what was keeping me from getting before, but it is sooo worth it.