Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ravelry is interferring with my life!

Ok, I have to set rules for myself or I will waste my life away on the internet. I've been so busy playing with my website, browsing Ravelry, emailing and just playing on the computer that I've hardly had time to knit! So, I'm going to take a couple days of each week where I won't even turn on the computer. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my days off with limited time on the computer over the weekend. Yes, I know today is Thursday and as soon as I finish this blog, the computer goes off.

I'm gonna be dyeing bamboo today and playing with Aidan and Asa. I might have pics tomorrow of my bamboo escapades. Fun, fun, fun!


Anonymous said... we still get How-To Tuesday?


Melanie said...

I think I might have to change it to How-To Wednesday. It just doesn't sound as cool. Tuesdays are so busy for me. I am working on putting up a tutorial on ripping apart thrift store sweaters and turning them into something beautiful.

yarnfloozie said...

Well, as long as we get the how-to part!