Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First Entry

I thought I would start this blog to talk specifically about my knitting. I'll keep all of you updated on what I am currently working on as well as upcoming projects.

I have soooo much on my plate right now and not enough time to do everything I want. We just moved into our very first house (we are finally owners not renters!!) and I am still up to my ears (down from over my head) in boxes. I'm trying to juggle unpacking, kids and the business. Because of my obsessive nature, all I can think about is the patterns I want to create. My idea binder is overflowing and I want to bring it all into fruition. I'm having troubles just working on one thing at a time but I am forcing myself to.

First up, Adorabubble Baby Britches. I've been immersed in cloth diaperage and wool covers for the past 2 months and couldn't resist creating my own pattern. I have sizes 0-24 months completed and want to add an XL size and some more options before the pattern hits the shelf. I'm also putting the finishing touches on the Leaf Lace Infant Sweater Set as well as completing testing for my hat calculator. On top of that I'm looking in to see what it will take for me to offer wool interlock fabric to those non-knitters out there who want to make their own wool covers. Right now, my cost for the wool puts the fabric at tre expensive. We're talkin' $30-$74 a yard! That's how much I charge for a completed pair of pants. I did finally find a source for organic superfine merino at an awesome price. As soon as I get it, I'll be able to pass the savings on to you!

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