Friday, February 29, 2008

What to do with bamboo yarn

I love love love bamboo! The poor man's silk, it shimmers, it's oh so soft and slinky and has a gorgeous drape. I still have it hanging from my living room ceiling to dry and even though it is dry, I don't want to take it down.
It is perfect for spring and summer as it has a nice cool feel to it. I've been dyeing up a storm of bamboo and now I'm working on some patterns to go along with it. Bamboo and lace go perfect together. Here are a few sneak peaks at what I'm working on.

And finally, a bolero I'm writing up now that uses the stitch pattern "Frost Flowers" from Barbara Walker.

Yes, I froze my arse off for these pictures.


Sidhartha Dhar said...

hi, I am from India, and i am wondering what has bamboo got to do with knitting. It may be the cultural difference or perhaps i am ignorant, but I really don't get this connection. In the photos, where is the bamboo involved. Please help.

Melanie said...

I guess that could be confusing :-) The yarn is made out of bamboo.