Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not a fun week!

I'm still aching from my little wrestling episode last week. I can at least stand upright now, but can't really pick anything up. Small one isn't liking that.

I've still managed to get some dyeing done, just a few skeins here and there. I've decided to give the Mystery Stole #4 a go so I'm working on dyeing up some lace yarns just for that. I am totally in love with this wool. It's not superwash, but it won't felt easily and is pill resistant. The best part is it is so squishy and soft. After it's dyed it plumps up into the most lucious lace. I'm bugging the main company to make a worsted weight because I think this would make the best soakers/longies. I'm going to strand 7 together to get close to worsted (that's still a light worsted weight!!!) and make some britches for small one. I'll let you know how it works.

Anyway, here is what's new!

Violet, superfine merino lace

Just Peachy on bamboo

Mangos on bamboo


and my favorite, Antique Bronze. The picture really doesn't do this yarn justice. It is beautiful. Luckily I dyed up enough to keep some for myself!

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