Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Gusset!

Now, I don't know if anyone else has thought of this already, but I have a new gusset option for my britches pattern. I'm super excited. While I love my original gusset, it's roominess and the fact that you can knit from the legs up, I'm smitten with this new gusset. It is very very easy knit and still allows for a nice wide leg, though it only works for the top-down version (I'll figure it out bottom-up some day, the concept is in my head, I just haven't done it yet). I'm putting the finishing touches on the directions and will release it tomorrow to everyone who is on the britches yahoo group.

Also, I am revamping the whole pattern. Better pictures, more options, clarified wording on some directions that were ambiguous before. I'm adding a "no options, just the basics" beginner pattern that I'm hoping will be a great how-to-knit-longies for a new knitter. Since Adorabubble Britches has been out almost a year now (boy, does time fly), I've gotten lots of feedback, many great questions from beginners and suggestions that will be incorporated into this pattern. Since it is just the basics, I will be offering the beginner pattern for just $4. It will be seperate from the whole Adorabubble Britches pattern, but will come with a coupon for a discount on the big Adorabubble Britches pattern. So, if you like the beginner pattern and want all the options later, you won't have to fork over a ton :-)

I'm also hard at work on the sideways britches pattern, though this one is a little further away from completion than the others. And yes, a soaker pattern is in the future. Lots of fun stuff to come!

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