Friday, June 6, 2008

I need a kick in the pants!

Auction for a custom Turtle Butt, 2 days only starting at $7!!

I am going to get this pattern written up. I am determined. To help me get going on it, I'm doing a auction for each size. I have to knit one of each size anyway to write down exactly what I'm doing and I want these TB's to go to a good home.

First auction is for size 0-6 months, your color choice.
Waist: 14-16"
Rise: 16-17"
Thigh: about 9-10"

Next week will be for the 12 month size.

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Jenni said...


oh boy, I may need to get in on this...i'm sure I would have use for turtle butts in more than one size... :p