Monday, June 16, 2008

Experimenting fun!

I've been experimenting with self-striping yarn lately and am having sooo much fun. Finally I get to put my knitting machine back in use. How brilliant is this (not my idea), knit a square on the machine, double stranded, dye the blank, let it dry, unravel it, wet it again to de-kinkify it, let it dry again and then voila, self-striping yarn.

Not a Rainbow






I have a few up for sale at and plan on offering the blanks for sale as well. Hopefully I'll get a little tutorial up sometime.

TB is coming along. Looks like I might have to rework the x-small one again because I had an epiphany yesterday on how to make it a tad easier. So, stay tuned for another x-small TB auction. I love this pattern, but it has been a beast to write up. I'm just going to have to write it out size for size. A very experienced knitter could probably figure it out knowing just the stitch pattern, but I want most knitters to be able to do it. It will get done, one way or another.

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Jackie said...

Good Morning Melanie I love the colours. Can't wait for the TB pattern, it looks so cute.
Have a good week.