Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm going to dye!

My house is covered in the most luscious fibers!!! Bamboo/merino, bamboo/cotton, pima cotton, just plain old bamboo. Can you tell I have a thing for bamboo? I spent about 4 hours just skeining off of cones on Monday and have spent the last 2 days dyeing up a storm. I have a bunch of customs to work on, but everytime I sit down to knit, I keep thinking of new colorways I want to try and can't concentrate until I do. Ugh!

Promotion tomorrow!!! The Etsy cloth diaper team is working together on this great promotion! Hidden through out our stores, you'll find free gifts, from diapers to socks, all sorts of goodies. More info here:

I will be "hiding" a screwball in my Etsy store! The first person to find it and purchase the product it's hidden with will get a free handknit screwball toy!


Now, here's what I've been up to this week:

100% Pima Cotton

Merino/bamboo sock yarn, Banana Split

Sailor's Delight on Thick/thin merino.

Marianas on 100% Bamboo

More is still waiting to be pictured.

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